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We offer quick response and affordable service for all types of repairs, including plumbing leaks. You might find leaks in:

No matter where the leak is coming from, our experts will find it and provide fast, dependable, and affordable repairs.

Depending on the type of leak you have, there are several solutions. For example, for a leaky pipe we may be able to patch the pipe or replace the leaky area with a brand-new piece of pipe. For leaky fixtures, you may need new seals or even a complete replacement. Whatever is causing the leak, we’ll help you find the most practical and affordable option to keep your plumbing in good condition. We’re even available 24/7 for emergency plumbing services for leaks that just can’t wait. Just give us a call and one of our experienced plumbers can help you stop leaks in their tracks.

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How do I Know if I Have a Plumbing Leak?

Plumbing leaks are sometimes easy to find. You might find puddles on the floor after a leak, which is a pretty obvious sign you need to call a plumber for Houston plumbing leak repairs.

However, a lot of times leaks are “hidden.” You might hear something that sounds like dripping water, you might balk at a high water bill, or you might not even notice any signs at all.

If you do think you have a leak, there is a simple test you can try to determine if you have a leak:

  1. Turn off all your faucets, fixtures, and water appliances so you’re not actively using water anywhere in your home.
  2. Look at your water meter. The dial shouldn’t be moving or spinning, and the number should stay the same.
  3. Come back in about an hour to check the meter. If the dial or number indicates you’re using water, then you might need Houston plumbing leak repair.

Our specialists can help with plumbing leak detection services when you suspect you have a leak or as part of your regular maintenance schedule. If we find a leak, our plumbers work quickly and efficiently to repair it for a worry-free experience.

Signs You Need Houston Plumbing Leak Repairs

Leaks are sometimes hard to detect. Some people don’t notice leaky plumbing until it’s too late to prevent extensive water damage. However, if you know what to look out for, you might be able to catch leaks early and repair them before they become major problems.

Some signs you might have a leak include:

  •  Low water pressure
  •  Mold or mildew growth
  •  Unpleasant smells
  •  Damp drywall
  •  Peeling paint
  •  Warped flooring
  •  High water bills
  •  Dripping sounds

Depending on the type of leak, your family and your wallet could be at risk. For smaller water leaks, you could end up paying a lot more on your utility bill for wasted water. A couple of drips may not seem like much, but they can waste gallons of water every year! Moisture can also increase the risk of mold and mildew growth, which can be a health hazard for you and your family. 

Drain and sewer leaks could put your health at risk in other ways, too. For example, they could attract some types of pests into your home or expose you to sewer gas, which can be toxic at high levels. 

Over time, leaks also tend to get worse. What starts out as a drip every now and again can turn into a Niagara Falls level leak that causes huge amounts of damage that can cost a fortune to repair. So, if you suspect you have a leak, call our team for Houston plumbing leak repairs as soon as possible. One of our experts can find and repair the leak for your peace of mind.

How to Find Where the Leak is Coming From

If you think you have a leak, one of the first things to do is figure out if it’s inside or outside. Our plumbers can determine this for you, or you can follow these simple steps:

  1. Turn off all your faucets, fixtures, and water-using appliances.
  2. Turn off the water to your home (usually a valve next to your meter).
  3. Check the meter now and in about an hour.
  4. If the dial keeps spinning or the number keeps increasing, then you likely have a plumbing leak outside. If it stays still, but you have other signs of a leak, then the leak is probably inside your home.

If you think the leak is coming from the plumbing inside your home, go around and check underneath sinks, near appliances like your washing machine, and anywhere else you could have a leak. Look for signs of a leak to determine where it might be coming from. Also, remember that plumbing leaks can be hidden behind walls and even underneath your home’s foundation. So, call us for fast response and high-quality Houston plumbing leak repairs. We can help find and fix the leak fast and we offer competitive prices for all your plumbing needs.

Experienced Plumbing Repairs and Service​

We know finding a plumbing leak can be stressful, but our team at Santhoff Plumbing is here to offer you quick, friendly, and high-quality service. Our experts offer over 200 combined years of experience and can fix your plumbing issues, no matter how small or complex. When you choose us for your plumbing needs, we guarantee your complete satisfaction. We use the most innovative repair methods to save you money and hassle so you can get back to normal as soon as possible. Call us now for Houston plumbing leak repair!