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Houston Plumber - Install Gas StoveLike gas dryers, gas stoves and ranges also require technicians skilled and licensed to work with gas lines and connections. In most newly built homes, many home buyers are choosing to have gas ranges and gas stove tops as opposed to electric. Santhoff Plumbing can install any style of gas range or stove top in your kitchen. Just give us a call.

The debate still lives on as to whether gas or electric is the better heat source for cooking. We have learned from our customers that those that choose gas over electric choose it for specific reasons. Reasons such as the following make gas ranges and stove tops a priority in the kitchens of today: Gas ranges and stove tops will continue to work if the power goes out – The flame can be better controlled for a low simmer or a boil – If there are any problems with the gas range or stove top, there are signs that tell you; the smell of gas, a pilot light that is out – Really serious home cooks choose gas for it’s temperature control.