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Houston Water Heater InstallationWe can’t live without hot water these days and water heaters are our source of tepid water. A master plumber for many reasons should perform water heater installation as well as repair. Some homes and businesses have electric water heaters, while others have gas water heaters. It takes a plumber to work with both.

For obvious reasons, one must leave it to the professionals when in need of electric water heater repair and installation. Electricity and water never mix well. The plumbing pipes that run to and from water heaters can create a lot of damage if left in a state of repair.

Gas water heater repair should be performed by a licensed plumber. With gas lines as well as water lines running to the heater, and possible looping from one water heater to the next, leave the repair to the pros.

When water heater repair is not an option, or if you are looking to replace old hot water heaters with more efficient ones, call Santhoff Plumbing today. Our master plumbers can install a new hot water heater for you or educate you on the newest in technology, tankless water heaters.