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Houston Plumbing ServicesWhat exactly does a Houston plumber do when it comes to “other services”? Our answer is that a plumber is someone that is skilled in the trade of working with the plumbing items that provide homes as well as commercial establishments with drinking water and ways to eliminate the drainage of waste.

This covers everything from the pipes and tubes that transport water from main lines to a drinking or washing source that is maintained by cities or maintained by the owners of wells to the elimination side of plumbing and getting the dark water out to the water treatment plants or septic systems.

With these many methods of water and wastewater transport, things can go wrong. A plumber can install and repair most piping systems, plumbing fixtures, and water appliances like water heaters.

What We Do:

  • Broken Pipe Repair – Repair or replacement of broken or faulty pipes that are causing hardships to your home, office, or business.
  • Water Heater Repair and Installation – Tank-less water heaters use high-powered burners to quickly heat water that passes through a heat exchanger.
  • Sewer Repair – Repair sewers that are either clogged or backed up.
  • Drain Cleaning – Cleaning and unclogging of any size drains for any type of location.
  • Master Plumber –Is a licensed professional with a mastery of the plumbing trade.
  • Plumbing Installations & Repair (Design/Build) – Manage and execution of plumbing remodels, plumbing installations, and repair. Design and build brand new plumbing systems for a new start.
  • Hydrostatic Testing / Leak detection – Hydrostatic testing is a technique to identify leaks within low-pressure vessels and devices such as pipes and plumbing. Leak detection to locate and find where a leak in the gas line and or plumbing system is originating from.
  • Gas Piping – Gaslight installation and maintenance/repairs of gas piping for swimming pools, fire logs, gas grills, gas stovetops, kitchen and bath remodels, and BBQ pits.
  • Outdoor Kitchens – For outdoor kitchens, we can create the gas piping to hook up and connect gas grills and fire logs.