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Getting the bathroom of your dreams is effortless with our team. Our leading plumbing specialists work with your remodeling contractor to provide you with affordable, easy solutions for your Houston bathroom remodeling project.

Whether you’re looking for a quick facelift by updating your plumbing fixtures or want to revamp the entire floorplan, our experts are your trusted source for total plumbing solutions during bathroom remodels.

Your bathroom gets the most water use out of your whole home, so make sure your new bathroom’s plumbing and fixtures are installed right!

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Faucets & Fixtures

For a quick and budget-friendly bathroom update, try upgrading to new faucets and fixtures. We offer professional installation for:

Bathtubs & Showers

Design a luxurious bathing experience by installing a new tub or shower. Our expert plumbers can help with:


Your sink is the focal point of your bathroom, so make sure it suits your needs! We’ll work with your bathroom remodeling contractor to install:


A new toilet can help your bathroom look cohesive and even save you money on water costs! We offer toilet installation for:

Other Plumbing Services for your Houston Bathroom Remodel

When you start a Houston bathroom remodeling project, you might focus on a new shower or an updated sink, but don’t forget about all the other possibilities! We’re here to help your remodeling contractor update the style, improve comfort, and increase function for your bathroom.

We’ll help you make your bathroom more comfortable

Splurge on systems that help make your bathroom more comfortable, relaxing, and luxurious.

Bidets are systems that use water to gently cleanse you after using the bathroom. Many people regard them as a more hygienic, comfortable, and eco-friendly alternative to using toilet paper.

Make sure your bathroom is practical for your needs

Houston Shower RepairYour bathroom may look great, but the space itself could be making it uncomfortable. Maybe the current floor plan makes it feel cramped, or maybe you just need to expand the room to make it more spa-like.

Our master plumbers work with your contractor to help you design your ideal space. We can even help you move fixtures into just the right place to help the room feel more open and make your bathroom more functional.

We’re also experts at adding plumbing for new fixtures and bathroom expansions! We’ll design your new plumbing system and coordinate with your contractor for an effortless bathroom remodeling project.

Even if you’re not moving fixtures around, you may need new piping to keep up with your new tub, shower, or other fixtures. Older pipes might be narrow, which can affect how much water pressure you get from your new bathroom. Sometimes it may even make low-flow bathroom fixtures completely unusable!

We’ll evaluate the system and let you know if you need re-piping services to make sure your pipes can keep up with the demand and also reduce the risk of clogs due to narrow drains.

Top Plumbers for Bathroom Remodels

Our master plumbers make Houston bathroom remodeling easy and affordable. Contact us for no mess, no hassle, and complete peace of mind during your remodeling project. As your trusted plumber, we guarantee your complete satisfaction.

We’ve been helping homeowners like you since 1974 and have completed countless plumbing remodels. Our team includes a large number of master plumbers and experienced plumbing technicians to help ensure you get the highest quality services.

We even offer quick, simple, low interest financing for your plumbing projects!

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