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Green PlumbingSanthoff Plumbing has been green before it was fashionable to go green. We have been recycling brass, copper, and steel since 1974.

The last few years we offer a really green Toto toilet, saving water, energy and flushing better than any toilet on the marketplace today.

We also offer Noritz tankless water heaters. They are the wave of the future. Endless hot water at your fingertips and when it’s not being used it’s completely off, unlike a tank heater which continues to run when it’s not in use.

It’s fantastic to upgrade you home or office with a product that will pay for itself plus save money and energy.

At the office, our secretaries are striving to buy all green office materials and have spearheaded the recycling of all paper products. We also have changed our our toilets at our homes and office to more efficient Toto toilets.

Our lead dispatcher routes all service calls to save gas and time using G.P.S. She can see where the trucks are at all times and dispatch the closest truck to the customer’s service call, perfect for emergency calls when time is so important.

Our fuel bills have a complete read-out which tracks exact fuel mileage. If any truck drops below predicted fuel consumption it’s pulled from the fleet for service.

Fuel-saving tires a little over-inflated also helps.

If we all do just a little towards conserving, we will be making an investment in our children’s future.

Feel free to call us to show you how you can save for the future.