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gas lamp installationAdding a gas light or lamp to your front or back yard and patio can provide ambiance and dependable gas lighting for many areas of your Houston home. Gas lamp installation can create a unique ambiance that can transform your landscaping and allow you to enjoy outdoor living well into the evening hours. Enlisting the help of a qualified Houston plumber to install and test these gas lighting options can ensure that your new gaslight fixtures perform properly and offer reliable and beautiful light for many years to come. Here are four factors to consider when planning to add gas lamps to your existing outdoor décor.

Location Matters

Most city and state codes require at least six inches of clearance between gas lamps and any other combustible substance. Additionally, a clearance of 12 inches is required between the top of the gas lamp and other items. These restrictions are intended to reduce the risk of fire and other accidents associated with gas lamps. By working with an experienced plumber, you can ensure that all work is performed properly and is compliant with all applicable city and state building codes.

Wall or Pole Mounted Options

Depending on the desired lighting effect, you can choose from pole-mounted or wall-mounted gas lamps. In some cases, a mix of these two gas light options can deliver the most attractive results for your front yard, garden or patio area. Consulting with your local Houston plumbing company can provide you with professional guidance on the most appropriate solutions for your outdoor lighting needs.

Electronic Ignition or Manual Lighting

For many years, gas lamps have been lit manually by turning the gas valve and applying flame directly. Newer models, however, may include electronic ignition modules that allow you to light these lamps at the touch of a button. Gas lamps that feature electronic ignition may require added wiring during gas light installation.

Safe Operation

Understanding how to operate your new gas lamps safely is critical to ensure safety for you and your family. A few helpful hints can go a long way toward preventing accidents related to these picturesque additions to your exterior décor:

  • If you smell gas, move away from the area and call a qualified Houston residential plumber
  • Never attach items to the top of your gas lamps; additionally, keep combustible materials well away from these lighting sources.
  • Use care in touching the glass or metal parts of the lamp during operation. Gas lamps can generate a fair amount of heat that can sometimes cause burns.

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We do not sell gas lamps but have the expertise for gas light installation at your home or a pole in your yard. The experts at Santhoff Plumbing can also provide you with guidelines and general instructions on how to operate your gas lamp safely.