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ATTENTION: Big Changes In Residential Water Heaters

tankless water heaterATTENTION: home-owners, property managers, builders, realtors, HVAC, remodeling and general contractors. Listen closely…as this will affect everyone!

Be prepared for the changes that are coming In April 2015. Due to a new Government mandate for all, when it comes to conventional water heaters, there will ONLY be the new, biggerwidermore efficient and more expensive($$$$) conventional water heaters available for you to replace or install….Where is your water heater?


Because they were redesigned to meet government mandate standards, for efficiency purposes, however due to their redesigned size which adds a minimum of 2 inches of insulation around the tank, making them 4 inches wider, they will not fit in the areas where they normally would . 80% are in the attic, however, unless it is planned into the new construction of homes, this new size will not fit through the standard attic stair opening, (standard attic stairway opening size is 22 1/5” X 54”) others may be in a hallway closet or even in a garage where they are pre-set to building clearance codes, they will not fit.

Unless you are reconfiguring your home, and willing to take down a wall, doorway or stairwell to get it through and want to pay an additional $800+ you will be forced to go tank-less.

GOING TANK-LESS, You think???

If you go on the web you will find that…

There are only a hand-full of staff in town… that are “Noritz” Factory trained in PROPER INSTALLATION.

Noritz provides the largest selection, still you want to make sure you know what you are getting….just remember to ask yourself, “ Are they doing it right?”

It doesn’t matter how much you are paying because you will be paying a whole lot more if it is not installed correctly.

At Santhoff Plumbing Co., our staff is among the few you will find that are qualified installers who are Noritz Factory trained.

You will find many who are ready and willing to install, but beware of the risk and additional costthat comes from improper installation.

The average cost for repairing poorly installed tank-less water heaters can go up to $3000.

What we see happening a lot right now, is that when poorly or improperly installed and if not vented through the roof correctly, the compartment fills with water due to condensation that comes out of a “T” which in turn creates corrosion. (Not only will you have a mess but you will be repairing or replacing them sooner than necessary.)

New tank-less water heaters are about the size of a suitcase. It is anticipated that the cost for purchase and install will be much. More $$$$ after April 2015

Depending on the size of your home, it may cost between, $2500 to $6000.

We provide a 5 or 10 year guarantee with 24/7 emergency service. Meaning if something goes wrong on Saturday night, (while under warranty) GUARANTEED we will be out there Saturday night!

If you choose to replace it now it may cost about $1500, however if you must wait until after April 2015 you are looking at beginning prices of $2-$3K


Please feel free to call our tank-less water heater Specialist, JAMES Santhoff, or Joe Santhoff at 713-665-4995 if you have any questions or concerns regarding these new changes.
As always, thank you kindly for your referrals.

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